The Antipodean Traveler sets up …

Setting Up

… A freakin’ website? What am I: completely nuts!?

I must be.

See, this is something that I have wanted to do for such a long, long, LONG time ( — that’s a lotta “long’s” in there — ) and it was literally only a few days ago, after chatting with my Mum way back on home shores, that it was decided with a gentle push from her and my own irrational sense of whimsy to go: “yeah, dash it all! Why the heck not? … I’ll setup a … WEBSITE!”

Setting Up
“Let’s see ‘ere: Cap? Check. Scarf? Check. Australian Memorabilia? Check. Coding Skills… Erhm…?”

Boo-yah! Here we are! Three reasonably short days later and a fully functioning and working website! Now, albeit with limited content thus far, but it’s an egotistical celebration these types of websites – honestly – they’re all about YOU! So, asides stroking the good ol’ narcissistic inner demon henceforth known widely as “Vanity” (I call him ‘Sensational Jake’ for a pseudonym… not really… I couldn’t even *type* that without chuckling. Heh…) essentially this is a domain for all of my ramblings, creative wanderings, ponderings, achievements and near-misses (of which there will be many – oh, so many! – hey, it’s what makes my life “fun”, trust me – it’s not a pity party up in here, but it is something that I am used to… keeps it interesting, y’know?)

Anyhoodle! Here be my first post – whadd’ya think thus far? I think it’s not too shabby – and trust me when I say this – I was expecting much, much worse!

I hope WordPress is the way to go. So far I’ve enjoyed the online tutorial and videos used to help me build my own site (and once I learn how to embed various data well, I’ll have to link ’em up, honestly – top stuff!) Actually, I’ll try patching it in right here:

Really great video with some incredible advice – check out wpSculptor’s vids if you’re unsure of a few bits n’bobs yourself. Highly recommended!

Anyway, back to the ol’ writing desk (and a little rest too, it’s gonna be a big week coming up!)

Love and best wishes your way,

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