Workin’ out the kinks, Oxford (minus the Circus) and Smaug …

Fixing and Tinkering

Alrighty then!

Here we go! (I think … finally? I do hope so!)

Well, I’ve actually started to iron out the kinks in my new site, as it were, and it’s now starting to resemble something I’ve always wanted from a site and/or blog: it’s clean and simple to navigate and it fits with a general ‘theme’ or ‘feel’ that I was going for. Hopefully!

After setting up with a host, then getting through the malarkey of learning from tutorials and contacting customer support every, single day or so about a new issue or query – AND then along with all that jazz – working out how to actually *use* my site builder of choice (WordPress – and yep – it’s pretty schmick!) I think that I’ve eventually arrived to a point where I can finally look at my site and go: “it’s not too bad! Not too bad at all, actually…”


Truth be told, I was expecting much more faff and bother than what I have ended up with overall. I dig using WordPress as a site editor thus far – and am slowly now – just starting to learn how powerful this thing can actually be! It’s quite incredible what you can do and what you can customise to make your site truly your own. Also, after stating that, I’m starting to think that I might have made the right choice to go with WordPress in the first place (which is a rarity for me with new things, I tend to fumble about before I get a foothold in usually…)

Also too, what a freakin’ big start to the week it’s been!

Fixing and Tinkering
“Gettin’ all the nuts n’ bolts sorted…”

Sunday I was with some good friends of mine in Oxford (where two of them are based) and I *finally* got to explore perhaps the UK’s most widely known University City, and I haf’ta tell ya, Oxford is quite extraordinary! The history and the sheer legacy that this place has is just amazing! For instance, we passed one of the pubs that apparently – or so I was informed – J.R.R. Tolkien used to frequent when he was writing ‘The Lord of the Rings’. How’s that for cool? Now, I will never profess to being the biggest ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan out there, but I do admire its imprint within literacy culture and its inspiring impact on contemporary culture and beyond … besides which … I always did enjoy the films… (which reminds me, I still need to see ‘The Hobbit’ – including part 72 — I mean uh — Part 2!) Now, besides that terrible attempt at some humour right now, ‘The Hobbit’ has really captivated my interest. To try and put my finger on it as to why; well for me personally, I guess it’s just because ‘The Hobbit’ seems to feel a little more like an original stamp on what ‘classic adventuring’ is all about: the adventure itself! 

And of course… Smaug the Dragon! How cool is Smaug? Just from seeing a few small clips, I absolutely *love* the character of the tyrannical Smaug! This also cements the fact that I definitely need to read the books …

Speaking of reading, that leads me to another thing I cannot wait to put up on my site: my own stories and installments! I was honestly thinking about this recently that, at least to begin with, I should probably start uploading some smaller stories that I have on my website. This is completely for people to stumble upon and read for free – just chapter by chapter – and then, I would post these on the social accounts as each new chapter or installment becomes available. If I’m trying to attract a readership (or at least some people who are interested in my creative and literary wanderings) then this might be a good move, yeah? Well, possibly…

Essentially, I’m just trying to get myself out there as much as possible. The competition however, through the mere saturation of the internet just to try and establish my own type of creative persona, is not an easy feat and will take time… and in all honesty… that’s fine. I mean, I’m always creating regardless, so now’s the time to take the opportunity and at least give it a good shot. I mean, I’d be silly not to give it a good crack, right?

OK – rightio then – well that’s the second blog up!

Onward we venture, just like we were to enter a mountain filled with gold and danger…

Who knows what might come of us?


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