It’s Time…

It's Time

It’s time to fly. 

The time is drawing nearer to where my life will – inevitably – one way or the other, have to shift gears once more.

So, it’s time to fly once again. Back home to the land from which sprung me – the beautiful island of Australia. Now, when this will occur is still a little bit tentative, but the wisest decision that at least leaves me feeling complete enough is ‘June time’ (give or take the odd day or two).

It’s time for the next chapter to start. 

The scariest one yet. Nearing 30 years old, moving back in with my incredible folks on the Mid North Coast with barely a brass razoo to my name – starting again. The new chapter will start and it will frighten the life out of me. I should be more together now, right? I should have a definitive plan in place? 

I don’t.

What I do have though are some keen ideas. Ideas with some serious thought and maturity behind them. Ideas that I should have been putting into action long ago – but instead – took the decision-making chance of a lifetime and hopped a plane…

That was precisely 17 months ago upon this date of posting…

This was a decision that I will remember for the rest of my life. A decision that proved I could take the weight of the world upon my shoulders – at least in some small way that impacted my life – and roll with the punches. Oh! There were many, many punches! As undeniable as that is, through all that kickin’ and poundin’ upon my physical and emotional self was a determination to grit my teeth and push through the murk. I did. I came out the other side of all that (*EXPLETIVE*) and trudged through it all and came to having an adventure all in my own stride!

It’s time to do something… 

So I tried. I applied for a few short film and feature film jobs (as well as the odd modelling job) – because, well? – why the heck not? What’s the worst that can happen: someone says “no!” – big whoop! I didn’t really care one way or the other. I was giving it a damn good shot! That was all that mattered, and so, I was cast in my first feature film with a few smaller, short film projects as well along the way. Each and every one of them with something to take away from it all and more than a fair few stories to tell also!

It’s a time to travel.

So I did the best I could. I came here and hit rock bottom after a few months (a long and pretty terrifying story if I do say so myself, but the exact details of all that nonsense are best kept under wraps) – what did happen though was needing to pick myself back up – and all the pieces along with it all – and get movin’ again. So I did. I traveled. I traveled with a great group of people and saw a fair chunk of Europe on one of the greatest adventures that I could have possibly imagined. I had such a top time and found a little bit of myself along the way there as well… I got lost amongst it all for a little while and took as much of it in as I could… It was breathtaking and worth every, single minute.

It’s time to relax.

So I did. After I traveled, I chilled out… A LOT!
I probably should have been more proactive with regards to traveling more and getting back out there, but there was a part of me holding me back. It could have been the fear of the unknown again – but I’m still not too sure about that – the nearest conclusion I could get to was something along the lines of: you’re completed. I did everything I really wanted to do – and more – come to think of it… As a general list, here goes:

  • I left my country and moved to another country halfway across the globe.
  • I had to adjust and live with the customs of a new city.
  • I had to … tolerate … some individuals here and there …
  • I had the earth pulled completely out from under me (yes, I know the context – forget the rug! That ain’t anywhere near the severity that occurred!)
  • I almost collapsed… everything fell to pieces…
  • Moved into an incredible house share!
  • I picked myself back up and got back into the swing of things…
  • I had my heart broken once or twice whilst in this city – and then moved on again … and again! Glad I moved on from some of those experiences… not fun!
  • Made friends and lost some ones from yesteryear due to various things…
  • Felt alone. Grew taller. Stood up straighter and pressed on – maybe went just a little ‘crazier’ in a motivational sense and just went: ‘why not? Nuts to this! Let’s do it!’
  • Traveled. Had the greatest time ever!
  • Met a lovely person back on home shores …
  • Met some brilliant, wonderful and eccentric characters here that I will treasure for a very long time to come.
  • Made two short films and wrapped on a feature film! (Bucket list item – ticked!)
  • Had a ball catching up with the friends I’ve made …
  • Lived very humbly – learned to chill out a little bit more due to having to think things through without hitting the ‘panic button’ every two seconds (not a bad feat, considering anxiety and I are friends…)
  • Matured. Slightly. Still zany – just a little more – together.
  • Built a website and started to think about where I can actually go from here. I have got some ideas…

That’s about it.

It’s time.

Time to return one day?

Never can tell…


It's Time
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