Post-Birthday Post

Happy Birthday!

Hey’a 29! Well, you came and just flew on by, didn’t’ja now?

So, how does it feel to be 29? Still young (ish) and feelin’ fine?

Pretty much.

Happy Birthday!
Right, that cuts it! The Birthday Cake and I are no longer friends!

I suppose it’s a strange time as well if I’m to be honest: still young enough in many respects too. What this means is, should decisions that I decide to make not work out, it’s OK – but then again, on the other hand – it’s a time to start thinking a little deeper about the things that I actually want to start etching in my life for the long term haul.

So, does that mean that after celebrating with a lovely friend of mine here in the UK that I should immediately start looking at what the future will hold?

Well, the truth there is – basically – not right now. I have some things that I really need to take in my stride whilst I am still living over here. The progression and the commitment to getting myself back home isn’t as easy as it initially once sounded. For instance, I still need to do things like:

  • Organise bank accounts and transfer things.
  • Sort out what I actually need and what I could do without when I eventually jet.
  • Start to look at what to do employment wise once I return (a huge weight on my shoulders already).
  • Work out exactly how I am going to move and transition between professional and personal relationships that I have built up here in the UK when looking back toward home shores. How will I go about doing this properly? 

These are all things on my mind and to be taken into account seriously. Now, staying in the UK for me at this juncture is probably not too realistic and I am missing the creature comforts of home (ala more detail in my previous post here) – so this isn’t at all “doom n’ gloom” I must say – but still, it’s a decision that will have some heavy emotional weighting… and truth be told… I’m not exactly chomping at the bit for it all either… Saying goodbye, is never easy.

Or maybe: I should just stop thinking. That’s even easier! I like it!

So, on top of that – moving along with some exciting developments and procedures that I will be whittling away on in the future:

  • Maintaining this website and any other add on or sub domains that I decide to start creating to etch my creative juices a little further.
  • Start telling the stories and doing the things that want to do! This is what I was working towards for a while now…
  • Watch some movies! Missed my collection quite terribly (in a rather shameful way)…
  • Start looking ahead at the good things that may just come my way – who knows what lies around the corner? Hopefully, something new, exciting and challenging that might bear some fruit? Why not…
  • Further study. I might start seriously looking into a new tertiary study or post-grad program.
  • Develop skills. Start sharpenin’ some skills that I have probably laid by the wayside for a little while now.
  • Drink more coffee.
  • Work on my physical health and physique – possibly – I have always found the idea of a ‘buff me’ to be incomprehensible and utterly hilarious to boot!

So there we go, a few things to process after my birthday. It’s like a ‘New Birthday’s Resolution’ list rather than a ‘New Years’ one … go figure, eh?

Thanks for reading and perusin’ on through!

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