The Wisdom of a Backpack

Ever since my travels really begun, my backpack has been with me through (pretty much) all of it.

It has been slung against my shoulders and traipsed through all sorts of weather conditions and emotional states of transition, that it easily knows me better than anyone in the UK. Easily. If it were alive, that is…

But, to me, there was something interesting that I discovered the other day. When I was re-arranging and sorting out the contents within, I stumbled upon a message. The message was embroidered onto a tag on the inside of the pack that read:

"Thou Shall Not Pack! I mean -- uh -- Pack on and travel far, Young One!"
“Thou Shall Not Pack! I mean — uh — Pack on and travel far, Young One!”

Pack lite, live long and travel far. 

It really hit me when I saw it. Something that simple and small was all it took. I could feel my tired face at the end of a long week just curl upwards into a big, cheesy grin. It all made sense. This pack had indeed reminded me of a message that I had (essentially) all but adopted the first time I left Aussie shores: live a little. Travel far. I had done those two things – and essentially was and is – still going…

So… where to now?

Who knows? Homeward bound, perhaps soon?

Either way, best take my backpack, shall I?

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