About Me

Jake Rundle


Firstly, thank you for checking out my ‘About Me’ section of the website. I hope it gives you a general overview into my world.

Things I like:

* Movies: Mostly these days, my tastes and interests direct themselves towards cult-classics and pulpy/crime films. All that being stated however, I will watch most things. ED: Also, Netflix is quite impressive these days.

* Comics: Dig comics. Always have loved reading them. Look forward to dabbling with some of my own ideas eventually too.

* Books: Have started to read a little more again. I must admit: I have missed the days of paperback.

* Writing: Fictionally, I adore creating worlds for my characters and creations to inhabit, interact and co-exist with good lashing of danger thrown in for good measure. Factually, I enjoy crafting the odd blog here and there. I also find it very soothing and cathartic.

* Drawing: I have always drawn for as long as I can remember. I studied Animation when I was nineteen and finished with a Diploma of Animation. I pursued this for a while but after a hard road of rejection, I became very frustrated with the industry. I have returned to my first love and I enjoy being back in a place where I have the freedom to create whatever I like.

* Coffee: Sweet life elixir, you are wonderful.

* Sleep: Helps to put the kerosene back in the lantern.

* Travel: Once you give into a slight taste of wanderlust, it never really lets you go.

Some trivia:

* I have written and drawn (and switched) more projects than I can remember in my time…
* I am Australian and have moved back from London in 2014. I love my country but I do miss London.
* I am naturally thin.
* My favourite colour is orange. This is probably due to Michelangelo being my favourite ‘Ninja Turtle’ having an orange bandanna.

Thank you for reading.