Starting in Australia from around 2009-10, I was involved in short films mainly set in and around the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales. I thought to myself: “eh, I wonder what it’s like on the other side of the camera…?” It was this question that Jake Rundle Actorprovoked me to look at acting as a venture of some kind. Originally, I started writing for film and then started to look at directing films. It was during this time that I decided to change my perspective a little and focus on seeing if I could get a taste of it. I managed to.

The upshot was… I ended up really enjoying it!

I only managed to work on a few short film projects with friends as I was studying at university. I was mainly doing this in secret as I was a little reluctant about having a career as an actor of any kind. I just dug it, basically – so I kept it up – for as long as I could. Eventually though, my university studies and commitments started piling up so I took some time out. It wasn’t until I moved to London, UK that I started applying for some acting jobs once more…

As of 2013-14, I acted in two short films which were all wonderful and interesting experiences, but it was certainly landing the very lucky break in ‘Rock Band Vs Vampires’ as the character Dan Coldwell, that solidified the notion of actually being a credited ‘feature film actor’. Unreal I must say!

Link to my StarNow account is here.
Link to my IMDb page is here

NB: Demo Reel is on my IMDB page. Hit the above link to check it out. 

As for where my career is headed, well … we’ll see…

What I can tell you after all this is: I still enjoy acting and I certainly wouldn’t mind the odd character role. Any further information or questions you may have about this, please patch me though an email. I’d love to hear from you and will gladly try and answer any questions you may have.