Copyright FAQs

Copyright FAQs

Please note, that this is quite the bit’ta reading here.

In a nutshell, if you’re unsure about anything, please do send me an email here. I am more than happy to answer your questions. I am usually very easy-going regarding works that I create. Seriously, I can be a nice guy! Just some manners and a swell “hey’ya! I dig your stuff, may I ask…” (kinda thing) will usually more than suffice.

Cheers for reading (and hopefully not skimming) the text above and if you want the full guff, it’s down below.
Thanks in advance, 

Do you hold the copyrights to your images? 
Yes. As an artist, all original created works (i.e. artworks and written content created by myself) are protected under copyright laws and international conventions. I also obtain moral rights to all images and original written content. No portion of the works or statements may used, copied, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artist (i.e. myself).

Do you have a terms of use for your images, written articles or other original content? 
Yes. The images and original articles (i.e. original artworks, written content and media) that appear on this site may not be removed from this site, may not be displayed anywhere else on the internet, may not be downloaded, and may not be copied or modified in any way.

What about sharing? You have sharing options that link to (social media type)?
Indeed I do. Please, feel free to post and share my content via social media for people to view and read at their discretion. That does not mean that the content may be altered, copied and used elsewhere in other media or downloaded and embedded in some other format.

Can I use your images for my project (or other thing…)? 
Only if you have prior written permission from myself (Jake Rundle – artist and administrator of this website) on all original works. If you see this work being used on any other website, then please, do let me know by sending an email. Cheers!

What if I buy one of your images or artworks? Surely then can I use it for my project?
No. When you purchase an image, you are only purchasing the item – not the rights to reproduce it. Modifying or reproducing copyrighted artwork is considered copyright infringement and it is illegal. Basically, to sum it up, I still maintain all of my original moral and creator rights.

What is copyright infringement? 
With artwork, copyright infringement usually means that copyrighted artwork has been displayed, modified, distributed, or reproduced, without permission from the artist (or copyright owner). It is usually very frowned upon when that original work, that an artist has poured all their effort and energy into, is sold to make someone else a profit from that artist (or artists) work.

I used one of your images – but I very cleverly altered it – by using some ‘whizz-bang’ graphics program, now can I use this “new” image? 
No. As stated above, modifying copyrighted artwork is considered copyright infringement and it is illegal. If you are thinking of using an artwork of mine to appropriate into something else (i.e. using an original artwork of mine as the basis to create a brand new piece of original artwork) then you must let me know via email.

What if I am not selling them (artworks)? Surely now that’s okay to use them wherever? 
No. It is illegal to use copyrighted images, even if it is not for profit. Once again, expressed written email permission is expected (and it’s just out of courtesy as well!) I personally and professionally appreciate that.

Can I use your images if I include your copyright statement (or signature) with each image? 
No. Images can not be used without prior written permission from the artist (myself) first.

I saw your images on another site without a copyright notice, can I use those images? 
No. An image does not have need to have a copyright notice or symbol displayed with it in order to be copyrighted. I also keep my moral rights.

What happens if I get caught using copyrighted work? 
You will be required to stop all illegal activities, I would then highly suggest that you remove the artwork.
If this were to continue, then your website may be temporarily or permanently disabled, and serious legal ramifications may also be incurred.
Remember most artwork is copyrighted, even if you can’t see a copyright notice. So if you are not 100% sure that you have permission, don’t use it!

At the end of the day…
This is something I think no artist truly wants to do, but it is very necessary. I put all of my efforts into my work (and into this site) for not just myself, but for you too!

I only want the best experience from the web after all, not any bad times with headaches and red tape.

So, let’s all just follow the rules and have fun!